A possible consequence of texting while driving is an expensive fine. The phrase is often . "The inevitable consequence of poverty is dependence". . The story then ends with two sentences that describe the emotional impact of his moral choice on Daru: "Daru looked at the sky, the plateau, and, beyond, the invisible lands stretching all the . CM 1516370 This could have far-reaching consequences. Effect: The referee called a penalty. 4. They are a combination of action and . ". The phrase man bites dog is a shortened version of an aphorism in journalism that describes how an unusual, infrequent event (such as a man biting a dog) is more likely to be reported as news than an ordinary, everyday occurrence with similar consequences, such as a dog biting a man.An event is usually considered more newsworthy if there is something unusual about it; a commonplace event is . Many observers worry that the impact on India's economy. Thus, we use future simple tense in the main clause or the consequence clause. "Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house". Punishment Price Fine Sentence Consequence definitions. 20 examples: The policy nexus has as an additional adverse consequence: the concentration of All "consequence" example sentences below (+ Audio) are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. A consequence comes after, or as a result of something you do, for example, "He was given a traffic ticket as a consequence of running the red light." A consequence is a "result" or "conclusion," and the Latin sequ, "to follow," is part of its history. transitive verb. Example sentences with Consequence. She leaves me in consequence of my removal from the city. It's difficult to see as a consequence in a sentence . In 1894 the excess of imports over exports fell to 2,720,000, but by 1898 it had grown to 8,391,000, in consequence chiefly of the increased importation of coal, raw cotton and cotton thread, pig and cast iron, old iron, grease and oil-seeds for use in Italian industries. Top searched words; Words A-Z; Consequence in a sentence The word "consequence" in a example sentences. The definition of consequence is a natural result that flows from something else, or importance in ranking. A sentence should have a subject and a verb (at least that was how I was taught). Advertisement. indifferent, unconcerned, incurious, aloof, detached, disinterested mean not showing or feeling interest. A simple sentence with "in consequence of" contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. His marriage with Isabel's mother, Muriel, suffers as a consequence of his controlling behavior. Can a sentence start with AM? It is the natural consequence of a very lonely life. 4 As a consequence of expansionism by some European countries, many ancient cultures have suffered. And the consequence of the quarrel is practical darkness. Marshall McLuhan. He didn't study much; as a consequence, he failed the examWe failed to predict the consequences of our actions. Example sentences with the word consequence. How To Use "consequence" In A Sentence? And now an unforeseen consequence began to arise. conservation Some psychologists believe that dreaming is simply a consequence of random activity in the brain. synonyms. As a consequence, you may be scrambling to find new sources of income. ". What becomes of you after that is of no consequence to me. [Continue Reading.] warning Request revision. "Success is a consequence and must not be a goal". HERE are many translated example sentences containing "CONSEQUENCE OF GROWING" - english-indonesian translations and search engine for english translations. What are the components of good transition sentences? Since killing yourself or someone else is a likely consequence of drunk driving, you should never drive under the influence. Try to avoid using pronouns like "this" to refer to an entire idea because it is not always clear who or what "this" refers to. . (185) will have lifetime consequences. Compound Sentences with "in consequence of" A compound sentence with "in consequence of" contains at least two independent clauses. She was so sad when my grandmother died. Adams's Review of Mr Ames's Works (1809), New England Patriot, being a Candid Comparison of the Principles and Conduct of the Washington and Jefferson Administrations (1810), Appeals to the People on the Causes and Consequences of War with Great Britain (1811) and Mr Madison's War (1812). Lavender about some . Consequence example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. Samuel Johnson. 3 Animals have died as a consequence of coming into contact with this chemical. Translations in context of "CONSEQUENCE OF GROWING" in english-indonesian. The insolence of the Hospitallers became in consequence greater than ever. The first consequence of it was a dangerous fever. For example, in everyday use, a child might make use of semantics to understand a mom's directive to "do your chores" as, "do your chores whenever you feel like it.". How to Use "consequences" with Example Sentences. (189) you just look at the consequences. As much as No Comments. In consequence of the numerous accidents occasioned by skaiting on the Serpentine River, measures are taking to put a top to it. : He suffers an injury which is an entirely . "Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy". Gustave Flaubert. The term was popularised in the twentieth . Adverb : Example Sentences : She admired me as much as she admired her husband. Effect: The light came on. The consequences of using black sheep sentences can include being ridiculed or mocked by others, being considered uneducated or unintelligent, and having difficulty communicating effectively. (3) What happened in consequence? Example Sentences for "consequences". Example sentences; Similar words; Translations; Other types of questions; The meaning of "Consequence" in various phrases and sentences. They should run so rapidly. The most voted sentence example for consequence is Instead, the thin sandy developmen. sinnimos <!-- enchanced category page (ECP) content --><article id="post-19763" class="post-19763 enhancedcategory type-enhancedcategory status-publish hentry"><div class . 5. However, it contains only one independent clause. as a consequence. Logical consequence is necessary and formal, by way of examples that explain with formal proof and models of interpretation. It has to be structured and logical in order for the sentence to be correct. 56." The traffic was the main Consequence of moving . having no bias . (bad, serious, severe, terrible, unfortunate, devastating) " The traffic was the main consequence of moving to a big city. An example of patronage is money received by a hotel during a convention. I can't eat that. Example sentences with Consequence. Cause: A basketball player was traveling. 2 : to adopt an air of condescension toward : treat haughtily or coolly. In the social sciences, unintended consequences (sometimes unanticipated consequences or unforeseen consequences) are outcomes of a purposeful action that are not intended or foreseen. In simple words, the outcome of such conditions or situations has a real possibility of happening in the future but is not guaranteed. open_in_new Link to source. He didn't study much; as a consequence, he failed the exam. Marshall McLuhan. I am so full.

(1) That's of no consequence. Fran Lebowitz. 1 As a consequence of being in hospital, Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Consequence | Consequence Sentence. Fibonacci.

20 examples: The policy nexus has as an additional adverse consequence: the concentration of . thesaurus "Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house" Fran Lebowitz "Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy" Marshall McLuhan A Black Sheep Example Sentence The term "black sheep" is used to describe someone who is different from the rest of the group. (184) and also has good consequences. Gustave Flaubert. What is consequence example? : If someone's act is to have any consequence legally, it must have in some way caused a victim harm. Examples: Tom seems so happy now. To listen to the pronunciation of each sentence, click on button in front of it. Cause: An oil spill causes crude oil to spill into the water. . Samuel Johnson. . This is a natural consequence of the deficient conducting power of the fluid (1584. Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy . The consequence of the altered form of the doctrine was a metamorphosis in the nature of popular Protestantism. Wiki User. As a consequence of its narrow lanes, the bridge was obsolete within five years of opening. The red flag was shown as a consequence of the accident. If you don't clean your room, you will suffer the consequences. indifferent implies neutrality of attitude from lack of inclination, preference, or prejudice.. What is a indifferent person? "Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy". 10 examples of he understand in a sentence- how to use it in a sentence. And Fresno annually going forward, as a consequence would be an expanded center. He broke the law, and now he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Examples of adverse consequence in a sentence, how to use it. as much as in a sentence. "So" is used to express "extreme actions" in the sentences. 1 : to act as patron of : provide aid or support for The government patronized several local artists. A consequence comes after, or as a result of something you do, for example, "He was given a traffic ticket as a consequence of running the red light." A consequence is a "result" or "conclusion," and the Latin sequ, "to follow," is part of its history. Used with adjectives: " Your lies have resulted in serious consequences. Therefore, we use the future tense to indicate the probable result, unlike the zero conditional sentences. True or false? Lists. She looked embarrassed for a moment, and then said: "If it is of any consequence for you to know, I shall be writing in any case to Mrs. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "consequence" in a sentence Discussion question: Criminal behavior is the consequence of an unhappy childhood. Spamster 2268479 The quarrel had unfortunate consequences. If you make the wrong decision, it can have a very expensive consequence. It must necessarily be so; it is a natural consequence. See 5 authoritative translations of Consequence in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. (188) may have unintended consequences. FMD - Consequences of its Spread in Australia Paul Freeman, Regional Veterinary Officer at Wollongbar, explains foot and mouth disease (FMD) and the consequences of its spread in Australia. "So" + ADVERB We can use "so" with adverbs. (2) They're of no consequence. Examples of Consequence in a sentence. The reception had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. . volume_up more_vert. The Biden administration has warned Russia might seek to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine as the White House rejected Russian claims of illegal chemical weapons development in the. Translations in context of "THE CONSEQUENCES OF THIS CAN" in english-indonesian. . Cause and effect is a relationship between events or things, where one is the result of the others. Connectors are words or groups of words that help us connect words, phrases or sentences. What are synonyms for penalty? I certainly wouldn't use it in any formal writing. 6 examples of we cannot possibly in a sentence- how to use it in a sentence.