And more. . Sopranos & Sopraninos; . Search for stores . It also has an easy-to-open packaging.

Jean Paul TS-400 2.


Per page. 1. Selmer. This includes, for example, suitable offers and remembering preferences. Let's Start! This product was updated in our catalog on Tuesday 07 June, 2022. King tempted fans with the experimental Super 21 some years after the Super 20 ceased production, but this model never made it past prototypes. From Price. $3,084.00. Their high-end top-of-the-range model since 2002 is where it gets really serious. Its latest release is the Yamaha YTS 62III professional tenor saxophone. From Price.

$50.00 shipping. This project compiles over 20 years of experience spent buying and selling saxophones on a regional, national, and international basis.

The Japanese-made Yamaha has a reputation among professional saxophones, including renowned saxophones like Eugene Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Phil Woods. The Yamaha Yas-82z Saxophone is a high-quality instrument for professional musicians that produces flexible sounds and consistent tones. Check that the neck's playing position is correctly aligned (4) then tighten the screw . Finished with hand engraving, Glory Black/Gold sax is lovely. $8.70 56 .

We offer instruments for the beginner Student, via the 'step-up' Intermediate models, through to the high-quality Professional .

YAS-82ZIIVB50TH Popular Saxophones. The best budget tenor is going to be a used student Yamaha, and with a budget of $700 for a tenor your options are more limited. It was designed taking into consideration the requirements of students and comes with easy-to-use features. Selling for $699 the Jean Paul TS-400 right out of the box is set up very well, much like it's alto saxophone counter part. I don't see a reason to buy a Bundy if the OP already owns a student Yamaha, and that's coming from a Buescher fan (I own three) who recommends older Bundys as beginner instruments. I don't agree that tenor takes that much more air. I've been testing these two beautiful tenor saxophones - a vintage Selmer Super-Balanced Action from 1949, and it's modern version - the Selmer Reference 36.Of these two, which is the best tenor saxophone? { "inCheckoutPromo": [] } Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone. Soprano Saxophones. T880, T900, T990, T991, T992, T9930, T9935, T9937, T992PG tenor . Yamaha YTS-480 Tenor Sax Set $2,099 Related Products.

best neck for Yamaha Custom tenor. Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone (5) from $3,797.99 Or $80 /month^ with 48 month financing* Limited Time. Selmer STS280 La Voix II Tenor Saxophone 6. Bb Tenor Saxophone, Brass, with Sona-Pure Neck, Adjustable Keys and Metal Thumb Rest, High F Key, Blue Steel Springs, Pisoni Pads with Metal Resonators, Mouthpiece with Ligature and Cap, Jupiter Case, and Accessories - Gold Lacquer. And again is thought of as one of the best in its range. Tenor Saxophone New model, High F# key, New '62 style neck, Improved deep B/C# connection, New engraving, Gold lacquered, Includes case and 4C mouthpiece Served with love! Selmer SBA Super (Balanced) Action saxophones. Student Tenor Saxophones. The Shop. I can always buy Yamaha baritone saxophones, like YBS-52 and YBS-62. Jupiter 789GN 13. 1.1 Suggested Selmer Brand Saxophone. 3. yamaha tenor saxophone mouthpiece Previous 1 2 Next. Yani T901 , Yamaha tenor. A tenor saxophone is larger than the alto, and that makes it a bit more difficult to play, but it can still be used by a beginner. Top-Seller. . Filters Sort. Then you move on to the Yamaha Custom range. 10. When it comes to pro saxes, though, their flagship 'Custom' range is a . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yamaha Custom 4CM Tenor Sax Mouthpiece at the best online prices at eBay! $3,208.99. Yamaha 5C Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece, Standard Series. #1: Yamaha YTS-62III The first chair goes to the Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Lacquered. with Easy Pay i Compare Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer Then you move on to the Yamaha Custom range. DO NOT buy a chap new tenor in your budget - while a new horn may seem like it will be better in the long run, the cheaply made horns will not last, and you're going to spend more time and money in repair than you .

This is the Yamaha Corporation [Musical Instrument Guide] website. YAS-82ZII The innovative new Custom Z alto saxophone boasts powerful projection and effortless flexibility to help you stand out in the crowd! That saxophone was the bestselling one at that time. We buy only the best saxophones in the first place. Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone $3,797.99+ View Options. The mechanism is great, and it's down to what you choose to create with the saxophone. Per page. Any one of them could be the last saxophone mouthpiece you ever need. Yamaha YTS-23 Standard Tenor Saxophone *Made in Japan *Cleaned & Serviced *All New Pads. Yamaha YTS875EX Tenor Saxophone . Add to Cart. You can play all types of music with it, including jazz, rock, pop, classical and orchestra.


$ 9,009.00 Read more. 2.1 Suggested Yamaha Brand Saxophone. Compare Now site51358881308992746983 1358786584979. YAS-23 Alto Saxophone.

+. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts . Saxophone Necks (9) Tenor Saxophones (5) Alto Saxophones (5) Soprano Saxophones (4) Baritone & Bass Saxophones (3) Pick Up at Store. Mendini By Cecilio Eb Alto Saxophone - Case, Tuner, Mouthpiece, 10 Reeds, Pocketbook- MAS-BK r E Flat Musical Instruments. Top-Seller. 2 Yamaha. Welcome to the Saxophone Buyer's Guide! Pete & Dear friends , Please suggest other sax that escaped my list. Yamaha is generally the standard in student model alto saxes and a great saxophone for beginners. 2) Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone Intermediate Key guard Hand Engraved Responsive Tones Check Price on Amazon 1) Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto Saxophone Professional High Quality Great Performance Beautiful Design Check Price On Amazon 3) Yamaha YAS-280 Saxophones Student Alto saxophones -. Consisting of a solid nickel-silver neck and bell, this tenor sax also comes with a case, mouthpiece, cap and ligature. Perfect fit. Yamaha YTS-26 Tenor Students Saxophone 2. Top 8 Best Yamaha Saxophones To Buy 2022 Reviews Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Eb Alto Saxophone Yamaha YTS-62III Yamaha YAS-23 Yamaha YAS-280 Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto Saxophone Used Yamaha Yas-475 With Case From Japan Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Z It depends on your mouthpiece and breathing technique. Yamaha Yas-82z is a Yamaha top tenor saxophone model. Band and Orchestra Saxophones (38) Compare 21 from $425.


Or $65.00/month with. Features : Yamaha's official original-equipment 5C baritone sax mouthpiece, identical to what's included with new Yamaha baritone saxophones. The Yamaha YTS62 Tenor Saxophone has cemented its self as one of the worlds leading standard pro tenor saxophones. The Atelier's work with the highest echelon of tenor saxophone players takes YTS-82ZII tenor saxophone to the highest possible degree of refinement while retaining those inspiring aspects of vintage instruments. Glory Black/Gold sax comes with a gold lacquer finish which gives it a perfect finish. When a non-lacquered finish is used, the sulfur in sweat comes into contact with the copper in the brass, and little by little the shine is worn off and the . $289. The 480 is Yamaha's intermediate-level instrument, which again is perfect for the developing student. Yanagisawa Professional T-991 9. Yamaha YTS-480 11. This was a popular saxophone among many jazz greats, including Charlie Parker, Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley, James Moody and Yusef Lateef. Yamaha YAS-280. YSS-875EX/875EXHG. From. What are the Best Yamaha Saxophone? Check out my other reviews here: Yanagisawa TWO10 vs Silver & Bronze 9932 Selmer Ref 36 vs Vintage SBA I also buy SBA and Mark VI baritone saxophones and sopranos etc. .

D'Addario Select Jazz D7M. Starting off our list, we have the Glory B Flat tenor sax. You also get a high F# key. . YSS-475II.

This neck is free blowing and extremely flexible, providing the player access to a more extreme dynamic range and a wider palette of tonal expression. Visit the help section . Same deal as above - GetASax is one of the best places to sell an SBA tenor or an SBA alto. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Yamaha Tenor Saxophones 3k Followers, 893 Following, 152 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hollywood 3k Followers, 893 Following, 152 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hollywood. Add to Cart. Open quick view dialog for Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone. Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Tenor Saxophone $3,062.00+ View Options. Countless hours of research and development from Yamaha Ateliers in Tokyo and Los Angeles have shown that there are no limits to quality. Categories. Jupiter JTS1100 Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer. New in Box Yamaha Custom C1 Alto Saxophone Neck in Gold Lacquer. Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor Original Lacquer Excellent Condition 95087 $3500. Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone $3,208.99+ View Options. I'm a long time Yamaha fan (play an original "Purple Logo" YAS62 alto) but is the new tenor 82Z tenor the best TENOR on the market?

Its body, bell, and bow are annealed to make the horn more responsive and less resistant. It is one of the top tenor saxophone brands as it stands out in aesthetics. Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone. Add to Compare. Just $86 per month! . 3 Yanagisawa. .

Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone $5,401.99+ View Options. From. Kessler Custom 'Handmade NS' Tenor Sax - Solid Nickel Silver Tenor. Selmer USA Liberty Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer . Learn How Add to Cart. Msrp: / Savings: Just $90 per month! Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone $3,797.99+ View Options. Find out in this video a. Best Tenor Sax Mouthpieces For Under $200.

Invented by Belgium native Adolph . This article contains information about the Saxophone [Choosing a Saxophone:How to choose a reed and mouthpiece] . Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Tenor Saxophone. Yamaha YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Lacquered Features : YTS-62III Professional Tenor Saxophone Lacquered A favorite among band directors for decades, the 62 model saxophones (and their predecessor, the 61) have redefined the market by offering superior quality and durability at an affordable price Contents [ show] 1 Selmer. that have best modern compact keywork & intonation. Selmer Paris "Reference 54" model 74F Bb Tenor Saxophone - Lacquer, Hand Engraved. Today I am going to review the Jean Paul TS-400 Tenor Saxophone.I was very impressed with the Jean Paul AS-400 Alto Saxophone, so I'm expecting good things from this instrument.. Used - Excellent. United Midwest Financing - Based on 60 months and 12.99% annual percentage rate. Yamaha YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone $5,401.99+ View Options. { "inCheckoutPromo": [] } Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone. Conductor Tenor Saxophone - Series II TS200-II 12. Priced at around $350, it is relatively affordable making it perfect for beginners and students just starting out playing the instrument. Yamaha YTS-280 - Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer. Compare. Compare Now site51358881308992746983 1358786584979. Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone $3,208.99+ View Options. You'll have to spend more on that one though. But it is a very personal thing. Best Seller in Saxophones. Then, you can get the best possible instrument, whether you prefer the soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone saxophone. Alto Saxophones YAS-875EXII This Custom saxophone has Impeccable intonation and effortless playability designed to match your musical needs. Add to Compare. This series has maintained its streak of being the best tenor saxophone in the market. With our cookies we would like to offer you the best shopping experience possible with everything that goes with it.

Play them more than just a few minute. Get the best deals for yamaha tenor saxophone 82 at State of the art manufacturing produces . . This is a tenor saxophone sold by The Instrument Store, a store that stands behind 99% positive reviews of 442 ratings for the last 12 months. Saxophones. . in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. Yamaha YAS-26 Standard Alto Saxophone. , Rampone Cazzani R1 jazz , Keilwerth Sx90R shadow , the are all non ribbed sax that could be. Yamaha YTS-26 Student Tenor Saxophone - Clear Lacquer Bb Tenor Saxophone, Yellow Brass, Nickel-plated Keys, with Standard Neck, Intermediate-style Neck Receiver, Front F Key, 4C Mouthpiece, and Case - Gold Lacquer $3,062.00 Or $510.33/month for 6 mo. Add to Cart. 4 Keilwerth. It is a professional player's dream to have one of these and has been band directors' favorite tenor for decades.

Jupiter Intermediate JAS1100. 5. Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Music Education Experience News & Events News & Events Top . The 4C size was designed by Yamaha so that even a beginner can make a terrific sound. Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom. I wonder whick neck is the best replacement for a black custom tenor sax. 2 customer review (s) Quick Overview. Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone 6.

Expert advice from our team of saxophone players. Calculate Shipping. Compare. Yamaha are one of the few saxophone manufacturers who make top-recommended horns for every level; tenor saxophone beginners need look no further than the YTS-475 whilst those wanting to upgrade a little can go for the YTS-480 intermediate horn. 6. Made from safe and durable phenol resin plastic. Free mainland UK delivery. It is a good idea to practice this to aid in learning for you. Antigua Winds P1 Pro One Dark Matte Lacquer Neck for Tenor Saxophone. I have an extra Ref.54 and Ref.36 neck, but havn't had any chance to try them. 15 Best Tenor Saxophones 1. Alto requires a tighter embouchure, but after a while you can master either. Yamaha YSS-675 Professional Soprano Saxophone 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,419. . Yamaha YAS-875 EX Alto Saxophone 4. Get the best deals for yamaha tenor saxophone 82 at $21.90 102.

NEED HELP? The construction is probably the best out of the saxes I will review, as Yamaha makes top-level professional saxes as well. Yamaha is still one of the most trusted brands, specially when it comes to musical instruments. Open quick view dialog for Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone. The 7 Best & Affordable Saxophone Reviews of 2020. Custom EX Soprano Saxophones. Yamaha can still meet your needs, and you have a few options to consider. If you want to get a pre-buyout Buescher, that's a different story, but you won't get an Aristocrat tenor for under $1k Add to Cart. Retail: $ 3,999.00. It serves as the authorized dealer of populous brands such as Bach, Legacy, Selmer, Armstrong, Conductor, Yamaha instruments, Zoom, and hundreds of distinct brands. Overall, the Amati 73PQ tenor saxophone is a great choice for any aspiring performer. Besides, the unique finish ensures it is strong enough to withstand heavy corrosion use.

The Yamaha YAS-480 Alto saxophone is arguably the best intermediate alto saxophone. Learn How. The Best Saxophones on Reverb. Prelude by Conn-Selmer AS711 Student Model Alto Saxophone. Select options. 18. Yamaha YTS-26 Standard Tenor Saxophone $3,062.00+ View Options. Best for Professionals: Yamaha 62 Series: Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Baritone. Ltd. Time. The OLR-404-7S Tone Edge mouthpiece is an excellent choice for a jazz saxophonist and Otto Links have been used by jazz players for over 50 years. Our choice: Yamaha YAS-62 Professional Alto. $350.00. After SOTW searching , My target list are the. And again is thought of as one of the best in its range.

Otto Link Tone Edge 7* Jody Jazz HR* 7* Vandoren V16 T7. Glory Black B Flat Tenor Saxophone 4. K&M 10040 Black. 36 Months Special Financing. Saxgourmet Neck for Tenor Sax With Nodal Weights and Enhancer. Details 48-Month Financing* 6 Styles Available Another popular option is the Andreas Eastman ETS640 professional tenor saxophone. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Buy Yamaha Saxophones from Yamaha's UK store. Otto Link OLR-404-7S Tone Edge Rubber Tenor Sax Mouthpiece. Details 48-Month Financing* 2 Styles Available Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone (1) from $3,208.99 Or $67 /month^ with 48 month financing* Limited Time. The different models are all a bit different too. Buying and selling the best vintage and professional saxophones like Selmer Mark VI Conn King Yamaha Yanagisawa SML Buescher Keilwerth and more! Yamaha Alto Saxophone YAS-280 This is one of the most recommended student models specifically made for beginners.

[email protected] 0 Items. With our cookies we would like to offer you the best shopping experience possible with everything that goes with it. In addition to their great selection of horns, Tenor Madness owner Randy Jones has been praised by many players as one of the best saxophone repairman in the business. The bell is a two-piece, hyrdo-formed bell with blue steel springs. Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate Alto Saxophone. Add to Cart. If you don't see what you're looking for today, check back in a week or less, our inventory changes that quickly. Yamaha saxophones are considered by many to be the best in the world and here at Yamaha Music London you'll find a range of saxes at competitive prices. Check Offer. Ltd. Time. Starting Out with a Yamaha 5C Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Yamaha 5C Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

Tenor Madness carries one of the largest selections of Selmer Mark VI's as well as modern horns such as P Mauriat, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Selmer, Keilwerth, etc. In terms of range, it is tuned in Bb and it sits between the alto saxophone and the baritone.