They've worked with major gaming companies like Wooga (Jelly Splash), TinyCo . Just upload your build, we and our panel of gamers will take care of the rest. It can definitely be a good platform to join as it can be fun and you will usually earn $9 for a 15-minute test. To become a game tester for PlaytestCloud, visit on your mobile These apps pay you to test mobile games. The interview had a total of 3 interviews and an assessment to take. Generous perks (budget for language learning and professional development, company events, 100% remote working possible if desired, ability to temporarily work from abroad is possible) Cons. Record real gamers playing your game. The companies want their unreleased games to be tested to rectify any bugs or errors and this job will be conducted by the testers. Developers want to know how certain audiences interact with their game, because of this we provide some demographic information to the game developers to help them better understand their . Developers want to know how certain audiences interact with their game, because of this we provide some demographic information to the game developers to help them better understand their . About this app. Today, with usability testing being more important than ever, the existing solutions often can't keep up with the fast-moving gaming market. Just recently, I went back to play the game and made a strategy getting to level 22. Interview. To give you games that you would enjoy the most, we use the information on your profile . The downside of PlayTestCloud is that you can hardly find a game for you to test.

Out of the thousands and thousands of games released for mobile, multiplayer games dominate the top of the charts. We send out screener surveys before playtests to ensure that our game developers get results from testers who can provide them with the most valuable feedback. Once it's activated a player cannot open a game or see any of its contents.

Key Introduction of PlaytestCloud. Pays real cash. Your camera will not be recorded, so no worries about being physically seen. I have installed and played the mobile game and reached to level 22, according to the offer's requirements. PlaytestCloud is one of the most unique and fantastic testing jobs, maybe because it focuses on mobile games and applications while other companies are most focused on website testing. Get real players' opinions on artwork, story, design and UI.

We work with a variety of game developers so there are many different games that are tested! If you want to make money testing games, PlaytestCloud is one of the most reputable companies around. PlaytestCloud is essentially a product testing site that will pay you for testing unreleased games and providing feedback.

It helps support the development of a gaming roadmap that every member on your team may use to respond to emerging issues, and proceed with usability testing. PlaytestCloud is a 100% legitimate company that pays testers, gamers to try out games while speaking their mind about it. Easy to use for game studios, non-intrusive for players. Testers are chosen randomly and on average receive an email every other week. Surveys. Record real gamers playing your game. If the image looks fuzzy, please zoom in or right click and open the image in a new tab. Coupons: $40.40. Use your organization's network to log in. PlaytestCloud is a bit different than most of the other options here on this list. It's first-come . In return Play, Test Cloud pays them at the accumulated rate the testers will know beforehand. Over 60% of the studios listed in the Top 100 grossing games charts on the App Store have tested their games with PlaytestCloud, so we have a lot of experience under our belt. Create your character and team up with others to overcome the next quest on your list! Please input your email. On receiving a playtest invitation, users will use the app to record their gameplay session with audio commentary. Fast payout times. Send a survey to mobile gamers from any target audience. Although the name "Competitor Testing" might seem counterintuitive, a competitor playtest is a good fit for this scenario: Using our specialized PlaytestCloud recording app . You might think $14-18 a month isn't much. In the past playtesting with kids has traditionally been conducted inside a lab, which is a method that, on top of being more difficult to arrange, is .

To become a game tester for PlaytestCloud, visit on your mobile device or desktop and . This is the complete list of Playtestcloud supported devices. But, over time that builds up.

Your reactions will be intensively review back & forth until it is 100% accurate.

This is a platform you can sign up for to test games before they are released and then earn by giving feedback about them. Plus, there are several pros worth considering: The Pros: Great hourly earning rate - $36 per hour! Through this app you can participate in tests that you were invited to by PlaytestCloud. Still, there's no harm in signing up for both platforms. Website Name - PlaytestCloud; Founder - Marvin Killing, Christian Ress Players play 5-60 minutes. Congrats letter gets game testers one step closer to PlaytestCloud money rewards. Imgur is being weird. Players play one or more sessions per day. Interview. Pros.

Players play one or more sessions per day.

This model not only provides valuable feedback to developers seeking to improve their games by observing players' experiences, but also encourages community-driven progress in the gaming industry. Optimize the player experience in the first 2-5 gameplay sessions. Get real players' opinions on artwork, story, design and UI. Playtestcloud helps developers to test their new mobile games at several stages. PlaytestCloud is a platform that connects mobile game developers with targeted groups of users to remotely test and provide feedback on games in different stages of development.. They aim to build the best usability testing tools for game studios and mainly accept gamers from the top gaming markets, such as the USA and UK. First-time player experience testing. It doesn't have a higher earning potential, but you at least earn something for the feedback you provide.

. If you are going on some long-term travels or moving abroad, you will . Post launch playtesting helps you streamline new game additions or code changes with less bugs. Whether you're a hardcore or casual gamer, you can potentially earn money on the platform. If you are on vacation or working in a country that is not listed as your home on your profile, you will not be able to complete all parts of the test and therefore will not get paid. Our mission is to build the best usability and playtesting tools for game studios. 14-day access to Professional Plan features; 2 free Video Tokens (1-2 players) Professional support and advice :) Core games: Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online. Android - Android Phone/Tablet with Android 5 Lollipop or better (except Amazon . If you think about that's a nice per hour rate for testing a game! The PlaytestCloud app allows you to participate in browser game tests and surveys to help game studios make the best games. - We're the premier user testing provider for mobile games - we help game . Testers will need to complete these to have a . It'll look like this! Just upload your build, we and our panel of gamers will take care of the rest.

Agora, voc pode jogar PlaytestCloud no PC com GameLoop sem problemas. Because the playtests are for games that are not yet complete, there can be problems like this that prevent users from playing occasionally. Final Cost: -$36.63 - Money Maker! This is normally from testers who have specific experience with a game, such as playing an earlier version or reaching a certain level. To do this it has a kill switch which disables the build as soon as the playtest has been completed.

Here is the complete break down and sites used. PlaytestCloud is a one-stop solution for developers to test mobile games during different stages, including the development phase, prototyping, soft launch, and testing after the launch. We do some data cleaning on what the players enter: for . PlaytestCloud is a 100% legit website where you can earn money (direct cash) and is a very fantastic job for students or anyone who wants to side hustle.

Included games: New World, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Runescape, Albion Online, Final Fantasy XIV Online. Competitor Testing. PlaytestCloud is the solution for modern and effortless mobile usability and playtesting. Playtestcloud also helps mobile games enthusiasts connect and increase their network. Its service has been used for 45% of the Top 100 grossing mobile games. Not That Easy.. Unfortunately, you cannot directly request which game you would like to play. Email. The Crunchmaster coupon was sent to me from PinchME.

Use your organization's network to log in. Players play one or more sessions per day.

We're building PlaytestCloud to . First, the regularity of videogame tests invitations is the main complaint. PlaytestCloud was created to help game developers learn more about what players think about their games and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Start playtesting today with our free trial:. With PlaytestCloud's Competitor Testing you can see and hear how players interact with any game on the Google Play Store - no build required. The PlaytestCloud Wrapper modifies the game code so that the game, when launched on the player's device, will show a PlaytestCloud pre-roll explaining the game testing process. Great to hear you're enjoying playtesting! There is a simple way to playtest a game made by your studio with experienced players playing on their own account, assuming the game has already been released on the Google Play Store: PlaytestCloud's Competitor Testing.. Add new game mechanics or UI/QoL tweaks without fuss. Record real gamers playing your game. Customized playtest times are available: 20+ minutes, 35+ minutes or even .

Products Playtesting Multi-session Playtesting Longitudinal Studies Watch and listen to videos of players playing your game. . When testers register at PlaytestCloud, they give us a list of games they currently play and a list of their favorite games. You pick a game, test it for fun and user experience, and share your feedback to help developers improve their game development. Products Playtesting Multi-session Playtesting Longitudinal Studies iOS - it needs to be iOS 10 or better.Examples of supported devices are: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro (any model . Test the current industry leaders of any genre. PlaytestCloud is a legit game testing site that will reward you for testing unreleased mobile games. This app allows testers registered at PlaytestCloud ( to take part in remote user tests for Android games. All you have to do is sign up, list the devices you have (choices are smartphone, iPad, PC, and Mac) and the . The PlaytestCloud wrapper exists as two separate code bases one for iOS and one for Android.

The ability to enable remote deactivation is added to every game tested on PlaytestCloud. PlaytestCloud will record your game screen and your voice. Keep in mind that you'll need wait for the recording to start before beginning your playtest.

Reward: up to $9/game test (PayPal . They are a team of passionate gamers, aim to assist game studios around the world in making better games. Rewarded Play doesn't offer PayPal cash as a reward just like Mistplay. Use PlayTestCloud or Userfeel to test games. I've used them for around 3 years and have made over $400 from them without even doing every test they send me.

and the list of games that you're playing now as well as your favorite games of all time! There was no due date to finish the requirements in a timely manner, but the game got really hard as I continued leveling up, so I quit for months.

Test the first 2-10 days of gameplay. It's first-come . 45% of the 100 top grossing mobile games have been tested with PlaytestCloud. Optimize the player experience in the first 2-5 gameplay sessions. The wrapper also protects your game with build fingerprinting, which is a way . Usually free to play, with endless open-world possibilities for you to explore. PlaytestCloud pays you around $10 per test you complete, and tests only take around 10 to 20 . For you, it's a chance to make some money on the side while improving mobile games!

Player recruitment approaches and challenges. When the game developer receives your recording they will also receive your first name, age, the country you live in, and the list of games that you play. Android - Android Phone/Tablet with Android 5 Lollipop or better (except Amazon Fire Tablets). Now you can download and install the game. Their standard payouts are $7 for a 10 minute test, $9 for a 15 minute test, $11 . Overall, PlaytestCloud is for real, but with each claim of fast money, it comes with its astric-marked list of conditions. Just upload your build, we and our panel of gamers will take care of the rest. Userfeel pays you $10 per test, with each one taking between 10 and 20 minutes. In this playbook on how to carry out user research for mobile games, you'll learn: The principles and aims of playtesting. Online Company Stage: Startup Stage Business Model: SaaS Customer Focus: B2B Founding Year: 2014 Team Size: 11-50 Employees Handelsregister: Found Headquarter: Berlin, DE Official Website: On Social Media: Legal Entity: PlaytestCloud GmbH Accepted Devices For Testing. Since 2020, the growing trend to work (and game) from home has caused our player panel to grow exponentially-increasing to over one million players! After testing, you can usually expect to get paid that same week.

And the way they provide that service is to pay playtesters (potentially you) to test the games of their clients. Players play 5-60 minutes. Playtestcloud helps mobile app developers to check and qualify their apps as bug-free and that they are user-friendly. Just upload your build, we and our panel of gamers will take care of the rest. These playtests are also perfect if you only have a small amount of content you want to test because the game is still in development. PlaytestCloud provides real insight into the player behavior in your games. Here you will find all the information about which types of games can be tested through PlaytestCloud, what the restrictions are, as well as answers to the most .