Major - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Williamsburg, IN. Gorgeous blue merle male with awesome copper trim - brown / marble eyes - est 25-30bs at maturity. The merle gene typically produces mottled spots on the red merle dog's coat, while red tricolors have relatively solid colors on their coats. Call me if you want to get in touch with the DAMES owner in Erie, Co. Roni 970-778-1681 . The Blue Merle Mini Aussie, despite its name, is not actually from Australia. Age. Maverick is our Standard Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Toy Australian Shepherds are 14'' and under and weigh 8 to 18 lbs. She has a powerful, happy disposition - she enjoys life to the fullest. Grandfather "Timberline Second Opinion" Litter Born April 7, 2022 Available June 2, 2022 Expected to mature Large Miniature Aussies or Small Standards 17" to 18 " 30 to 42 pounds, Parents Full Testing, blue eyes! Roni on October 27, 2014 at 9:33 pm said: If you find yourself with questions about our Toy, Teacup, or Mini Australian Shepherd puppies, please give us a call at (801) 673-5883. Call or email to arrange of visit. Our Gentlemen; Our Ladies; Available Puppies. jump up in your lap and be a lap dog. they are good with children and socialized. Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeder | Miniature Australian Shepherd for Sale | Mini Aussie Breeders Oregon City | Mini Aussies Shepherd Puppies Portland OR | Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale. You can expect it to grow up to 20-23 inches for males and 18-21 inches for females. The breed's double coat features a thick outer layer with a downy undercoat. We are centrally located in western Washington, near the small town of Roy, a half hour from Tacoma and also Olympia. Sun Fun at Longshadow. male, 1 blue merle male and 1 red tri male in this litter! Puppies are utd on shots, vet checked, and dewormed. The price of a mini Aussie puppy may depend on the: number of available puppies in your area; care the available ones have received (such as deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, registration, etc.) The breed was develope in California in the 19th century as a sheep herding dog for shepherds in the state. The base coat color of Red merle Tri Aussies is Red merle. Parents are both good natured active dogs, good with other animals and kids. STANDARD.

It is the 16th most popular purebred pet dog in the United States (out of 193 purebred dog breeds). Her name is Gabby, and her Contact is 1-435-477-2313 please get in contact with her regarding the shipping. COAT: Medium to long coat . And, you will also find copper highlights on the face and legs of a Red merle Tri Aussie dog. The Toy and Mini Aussie breed standard allow eyes of any pigment color or combination of pigment colors. If you prefer having a smaller one, you should consider getting a miniature .

. Most of the time, the markings are on the face, legs and chest. Available Puppies.

In a merle pattern, a black base color is faded to bluish grey. Please also remember that your puppy will be 8 weeks old on the Availability Date. We even have the sought after blue eyed tri. Red Aussies result from being homozygous for the red allele, and they can vary considerably in tone and shade of color. Maggie - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Williamsburg, IN. Rojo Red Merle Male he has one green and one blue eye, look for him to be around 12 tall and about 10-12lbs . She is one year old, and weighs 23 lbs. clients, and friends. The same gene that controls the merle coat controls the color of the eye rims, lips, and noses. BEAUTIFUL FEMALE MINI AUSSIE RED TRI WITH . . It has a medium-length coat that you most often find in blue or red merle or red and black tricolor - both with white and/or tan markings. The Red Merle Tri Australian shepherd has red spots on top of a buff (a light orange-brown) to the silver base color. Skye: (Dam) mom is a Red Tri purebred Miniature Australian Shepherd . We have: 2 red tri males, 2 black tri males, 2 red merle males!! Australian Shepherd Puppy For Sale in EXETER, MO, USA. Beautiful, well socialized mini aussie puppies for sale. They are our family pets, a big part of our lives and we adore them. A solid red or blue merle would cost you at least around $3,000, while rarer colors like tri-colored merle can cost $4,500 and up. Puppies. Dam - "Watson's Blue Ribbon Baby "Lady". They are descendants of Europe's finest herding dogs, dating as far back as the 1800s. Female. Ready to go puppies toy aussie puppies, mini aussie puppies, toy australian shepherd puppies, available puppies, blue merle puppies, red merle puppies, blue eyed tri puppies There is a reason the Australian Shepherd is so popular. Our farm is also home to toy, mini & standard Australian Shepherds. BET (Blue Eyed Tri) Black or Red Tri/Bi Females & Males: $2500. They Thrive in Dog Sports. Our Mini Australian Shepherds are simply an Australian Shepherd in a small package - Portable and just perfect for taking along wherever you go. All Australian Shepherd found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Come with puppy pack!

Mom is a black and white tri. The most popular Mini Australian Shepherd breed colors are blue and red merle, black and red tricolor, and bicolor combinations. . 3. Aussie Puppy Australian puppy bi black and white Aussie puppy merle puppy merle Australian Shepherd puppy . . A fully-grown Australian Shepherd will usually stand 18-23 inches tall and weigh 35-70 pounds. Stephenville, TX. The Mini Aussie coat comes in combinations of black, blue, merle, and red, with white or tan spots and accents. Because of the thick coat, you can expect a lot of shedding. (214) 850-0226. Estimate her size to be 8-11 lbs. Male. References available! Lastly, Love and enjoy your puppy! All of our adults to go through genetic testing to ensure healthy, long lives in our puppies. Most dogs have black eye rims, lips, and noses. The Mini Aussie coat comes in combinations of black, blue, merle, and red, with white or tan spots and accents. Red Merle Aussies are part of the standard Australian Shepherd breed.

Call Us: 940-841-0055. menu. Aussie eyes have been seen that are golden, lemon yellow, amber, light brown, dark brown, green, orange, and blue. Merle is a unique coloring for the canine coat. $1,200. March 1, 2020. Krash & Freckle 03/08/22 . Logan . Annie is our Red Tri Standard. The Basques built a world-class shepherding reputation with the help of these fine dogs. They were created from a mix of different sheepdogs that were imported to California at the time, including Collie dogs from New Zealand and Australia, hence . Please browse the puppies & adults dogs we currently have available.

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Blue merle looks like splashes of black against a gray or powder blue background. She comes from a long line of blue eyed tris. 27855 Were 20 miles south . A list of our Red Merle puppies for sale. Watch on. In theory, merle offspring are guaranteed by mating two merle Australian shepherds, but this practice is not actively done due to the hazards of double merles. WEIGHT: 40 to 65 pounds.

Our Mini Australian Shepherds are simply an Australian Shepherd in a small package - Portable and just perfect for taking along wherever you go. be_ixf; php_sdk; php_sdk_1.4.18 . He performed an expertly-crafted Frisbee routine with his owner, Eldon McIntire, in the 1970s. The Red Merle Australian Shepherd is different. Born May 5 ready to go June 30. The resulting litter would be almost certain to have merle puppies. Merle females- $2500 up females -$1800 up. Dad a red Merle. We do ship aussie puppies to Canada, Australia, within USA and Worldwide. $475. Miniature, and Mini sized Aussies. We are Arkansas breeders of High Quality AKC Registered Australian Shepherd dogs (Aussies);Puppies For Sale,Blue,Merle,Red,Tri,Black, Blue Merle Aussies Arkansas dog Breeder currently has puppies for sale from Amber is a Red Tri female Australian Shepherd dog and Cosmo Blue Merle . Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and amongst all of the hustle and bustle of our little family. Blue-eyed Toy and Mini Aussies are highly sought after in both the merle and tri-coat colors. This breed started in the European Pyrenees Mountains, then moved to Australia, and shortly after . The recessive gene variation produces merle which are call blue merle and red merle. They performed across the country, winning contests and . We are interested in a smaller mini aussie that is a blue merle, either male or female, one or both blue eyes. Cokeville, WY. Breeder of quality Toy Australian Shepherds, specializing in tiny Teacup Toy Aussies.

They have blue Merle, red Merle, black or red TRI or BI coat Rocky is a Black and white bicolor mini aussie labradoodle puppy, built solid and strong, brave and affectionate, loves to wrestle with littermates and explore new things. RED AUSSIES. AKC Breeders of Merit. A tiny crate is also ideal for this if you have a small Aussie doodle. Co.

STANDARD LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: We thank you for visiting our site! Continue reading. Washington state australian shepherd breeder for more than 20 years. They have long legs, which makes them have a tall appearance. Red Merle ASDR Mini Aussie Stud. These pups will have been exposed to other dogs and children. Aussie Non-Standard Colors. 1st shots and vet checked before.

. She has it all! . Morrilton, AR, USA. 941-345-6825 CONTACT US.

Blue or Red Merle Females & Males: $2500. Miniature Australian Shepherd. Features of Red Merle AussieDoodles. Find Australian Shepherd Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Australian Shepherd information. The mini is the most expensive due to its rarity and difficulty in crossbreeding. These pups are by a blue Merle mini Aussie stud and out of a corgi female. Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy FOR SALE near FORESTBURG, Texas, USA. Morrilton, AR, USA. We have three human boys and a border collie and want to expand our family. Toy Aussie Puppies for Sale!! She is up to date on vaccinations, flea treatment, and dewormer. . . Reserve marlin.

Blue merle mini male - ASDR, parents are 16 inches and 14 inches. Please . 5. It has white markings on its face, chest, belly, and legs. Merle Males- $2000 up. Our Pricing for puppies is set out below: Black or Red Tri/Bi Females & Males: $1500. We have Aussies in all approved colors, red merle, blue merle, black tri, and red tri. . This page was last updated: June 17, 2022. Blue Merle Tri: These Toy Aussies have a base coat of the blue merle color, which is basically black spots on a grey coat. Male. We have beautiful full size AKC registered Aussies . The color merle is defined as "a bluish-gray color, mottled with black," and "marbled coat with darker patches of specified color." The "merle" can have blue, red or brown as the dominant color with other colors mottled into it, making it appear quite dark or deeply colored. Introducing our Watson's Blue Ribbon Baby Elite Champion Gold x "Lady " x Pine's Bourbon. HEIGHT: 18 to 23 inches. Ready to go home July 10th. recent posts. CMA Aussies has been raising quality Australian Shepherds since 2001. Red merle Australian shepherds are likely to thrive in dog sports such as flying disc games, flyball herding trials, agility, tracking, or obedience sports. Some Aussies even display more than one color within the same eye. -Shipping cost include health certificate, crate and any other aquired expenses. We have Aussies in all approved colors, red merle, blue merle, black tri, and red tri. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. notwithstanding, This breed can also get a little heavy weighing 50-65 pounds for male Aussies and 40-55 pounds for females. Gender: Female. Toy aussie puppies for sale! About Us and Our Aussies . ! The red merle Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog. 3. Each of our dogs are chosen for pedigree, parents championship title (s) if applicable, show/breeding quality, conformation, personality, temperament . Australian Shepherds come in two main colors: black and red. Do you have any available at this time. GROUP: Herding. Australian Shepherd Breed Overview. . Adult Aussie doodles will fit in the 42-inch crate. Annie had her first litter in November, 2016. ! This guy is usually first at . Shipping costs anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are as follow: $350.00 for Continental Airlines, Delta or American Airlines. Tri Males - $1200 up. Their color is usually poodle coloring and mini red merle coloring like blue aye, however, this could differ depending on the parents' coats. Blue Merle and Tan: These dogs have a base coat of the blue merle color with only copper or tan. i have had a significant corneal ulcer injury to my eye and thus have not been able to function well for the last 3 weeks. ADN-418956 Black Tricolor Australian Shepherd Puppy For Sale. Administrator. Our puppies are what we say they are & we work hard to give our customers only the best . View Details. LIZZY AND NUTTER HAD PUPPIES ON 4-4-2022. Aussies might have any combination of brown, blue, hazel, amber, or green eyes. They are also athletic, which makes them good for hiking or jogging with their owner. We strive to raise our Aussies to reflect the amazing beauty, intelligence, confirmation, and agility of the Australian Shepherd breed. .

The price varies according to the size, whether mini, toy, or standard. The merle ing gene is separate from the color gene.

Madi Blue merle female {double blue eyes} SOLD. We get black tri, red tri, blue merle and red merle in our litters. thanks for your interest in our mini and toy aussie puppies!! The resulting litter would be almost certain to have merle puppies. With the solid coat pattern we have black tri and red tri dogs. She is also crate trained.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd) is a very good looking breed with a relaxed, playful personality. ALL OF OUR CURRENT AVAILABLE PUPPIES ARE PRICED @ $2,000.00. Red Merle female miniature australian shepherd. Bailey's Mini Aussie's - Miniature Australian & American Shepherds located in Winston Salem, North Carolina striving to bring you the nicest dogs around! Red merle looks like red or brown splashes against a . All our puppies are raised and cared for by our.

. Just click on the picture below and you will be taken to to that puppy's personal page.

She is so sweet and fun. Housebroken and stays in the yard. However, the breed also makes an excellent companion dog for medium to high-energy owners. blue merle, red merle, & red or black tri-color (with white and or tan markings).

Australian Shepherds generally live for 12-15 years. Available, Current Litters: Bella & Cash!! Most Australian Shepherds fall into one of the variations in the . Frankie - small male, phantom blue/ red/chocolate merle mini aussie labradoodle puppy with beautiful copper markings and highlights. We have 5 Mini Aussies and 2 Standard Aussies. Minature 12 tall. Mini aussie puppies for sale!! Male. $250. The Australian shepherd is one of the few dogs immediately accepted as merle by the AKC. Merles are known as blue merle Mini Australian Shepherd. Depending on the pairing of our males and females, our mini Aussies range in size from 14 - 18 inches tall . j bar t ranch p o box 280 blue ridge, tx 75424 tracy paskero-owner/operator 972-816-1067 . A famous Australian Shepherd was Hyper Hank. We are currently using a Pet nanny for all delivery of the puppies.

In theory, merle offspring are guaranteed by mating two merle Australian shepherds, but this practice is not actively done due to the hazards of double merles. RED MERLE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD.

Gender Female. Mini Australian Shepherds weigh between 15 to 35 lbs at maturity they range from 14'' to 17''. If you are looking for an Australian Shepherd puppy for sale in Illinois - Let us help you find your next fur baby! The . And if you have any questions or concerns at all, Call Karol and she will take care of you! Located in the Heart of Tennessee, Lascassas farmland proves itself to be the perfect place for our dogs. unit 8 progress check frq ap bio . Get discount of 30% if you take two Australian Shepherd puppies. Hughes Toys - Toy Mini Aussies Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds 20 + YEARS Pacific North West 503-505-2124 This is a self red Aussie puppy, courtesy of Anita. We have several litters of AKC and / or ASCA australian shepherd puppies yearly. Murfreesboro, NC.

The answer lies in genetics. . . Tri Creek Kennels / Terry 252 396 0233 543 Pine Tops Rd. STANDARD. She has no tan points and no white. $95. . Arrow - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Baltic, OH. Depending on the pairing of our males and females, our mini Aussies range in size from 14 - 18 inches tall . Pick up in guthrie Oklahoma Mini aussie puppies Read picture first befor texting me plz and thank you Text for info four o five six o six nine one one one Link . Purebred Toy Aussies, born April 21. Blue Merle. Paisley - Australian Shepherd Puppy for Sale in Shiloh, OH. I didn't even have to housebreak him, he just knew automatically. GENETICALLY TESTED. July 2022; 36 Views; Mini aussie puppies . Color Red. The Merle Aussiedoodle is, as the name suggests, a cross between an Aussie and a Doodle. But red merle Aussies with brown eyes can still be found. (photo by Ted Van Pelt) 6. Home Lindsey's Aussies PorterHorses Porter Horses Toy mini aussies. Our vet has not been able to discern any reason. The gene for red dogs is recessive so breeding a red to a red merle will produce all red or red merle puppies. The most popular Mini Australian Shepherd breed colors are blue and red merle, black and red tricolor, and bicolor combinations. Age N/A.

SHEPHERDS BY SOME REGISTRIES. We even have the sought after blue eyed tri. She is shy around new people, but. All the parents are registered in multiple organizations. History: Despite what the breed name suggests, the Australian Shepherd did not originate in Australia.Rather, it was bred in the United States by Basque shepherds who emigrated to America after settling in Australia for a short period of . Toy / Mini Aussie Puppy.

Female. Aussies in centarl texas, Australian Shepherds, Black Tri Toy Aussies, Blue Eyed Puppies, blue merle female puppies. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. I am looking for an Mini Aussie puppy, I currently have a 5yr old male Mini Aussie. Red merle. Photos (14) . She also has an A+ personality. In fact, one Aussie was once a Frisbee Champion. Red merle. THEY ALL HAVE THE CALIFORNIA VALHALLA. Miniature Australian Shepherds - Oregon based Mini Aussie Breeder produces beautifully colored Tri, Blue & Red Merle toy puppies We breed Pet, breed and show quality Mini Aussie for sale. The blue merle is highlighted with copper and white markings around the chest, face, belly, and legs.

Breeder of quality Toy Australian Shepherds, specializing in tiny Teacup Toy Aussies. We do have Blue merle Australian shepherd puppies, Red merle aussie puppies & Tricolor Aussie puppies at best price. Photo from @stella . WELCOME. We have been having litters since 2012 and have 100% satisfaction with our puppies!

COLORS: blue merle, red merle, black tri, red tri; all colors may have white markings and/or tan (copper) points So there are basically 2 colors for Aussies, black and red with black being dominant. Miniature Australian Shepherd.

We are located on a lovely farm in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, about 40 minutes from Portland, Oregon, and only 3 hours from the greater Seattle, Olympia . Find Mini Aussie for sale near you or sell to local buyers. Red Merle Australian Shepherd Temperament. Age: 5 Weeks Old. I ran into a very nice lady at the gas station - Zeke's mom You came highly recommended and I absolutely love your philosophy of how you raise your puppies. Home; Our Aussies. The coat varies from straight to slightly wavy. Mini Aussie puppies and their parents go through regular health testing to ensure . We have both parents on site. Nickname: Rotini on

The red merle coat is incredibly eye-catching, and there are actually multiple variations of this coat that you may find in this breed! . This page was last updated: June 17, 2022.